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Who are we?


We are peruvian tourism professionals, publishers since 2004 of touristic guides and maps about this wonderfull country.

Hervé Cermal

French living in Peru since 1999, Tour Leader (escort tour groups) in Peru and Bolivia since 2000

Maps designer.

Cecilia Aranzaens

A Peruvian tourism professional, former executive at the Peruvian Tourism Office in Lima, Paris and Milan.

Our aim

During our numerous circuits, we realized that most tourists were uninformed or misinformed, in most cases without severe consequences, but sometimes may be affected.

Coming without proper clothing, thinking they should bring dollars and not euros, taking an unnecessary antimalarial treatment without going to the jungle, or have read in a tourist guide that no was necessary to bring an adapter.

Two examples of misinformation with serious consequences:

A young Canadian couple were unable to enter the Inca Trail for having renewed their passports (switch No.) between the time of booking and the journey itself. Result: the frustration of their dream and money lost to the new spending: hotel, feeding, for those 4 days already paid.

A much more serious case, some tourists robbed arrival in Lima airport for taking a false taxi on the street rather a secure taxi inside the airport, by councils of a famous tourist guide wiht "good tips" to save a bit of money.

This site aims to give the right and accurate information before and during your trip to thereby enjoy an unforgettable stay in this amazing country.

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