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Nightlife in Peru

The Peruvian is generally jovial, likes to dance, sing and celebrate. In large cities, it is easy to find opportunities to go out at night, in bars, clubs and the famous peñas, bar / restaurants with Peruvian live music.

The capital offers many opportunities of nightlife, especially in the numerous casinos that we can find in all districts, including the most popular. The most suitable districts to get out are Miraflores and Barranco south of Lima.


Bars and clubs - there are mainly located around the central park, in calle de las pizzas, in Larco Avenue and Larcomar.



The pasaje Carrión and the Av. Pedro de Osma near the main square, is the nightclubs and bars boulevard. Here are the peñas, bars / restaurants with live music.


Restaurants with folkloric show in Lima 

Several establishments in the capital offer excellent folkloric shows, in the avenida Ejército, Larcomar or other.


The second largest city of Peru is mainly vibrant on weekends. The majority of bars and restaurants are in the Plaza de Armas (Main Square) and in San Francisco street where are many bars and nightclubs.


The most visited city of Peru is also the most suitable location for nightlife, concentrated mainly in the historic center.


The Plaza de Armas (Main Square) is full of shops, restaurants, bars and has several nightclubs where "bricheras" (gringo hunters) abound. Moving away a little from the square and in particular behind the cathedral, you can find more authentic and original bars.

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In the main square of Cusco, the restaurant Tunupa offers a nice folkloric show every night.

Tunupa also offers a stunning buffet.

Portal Confituría 233 - 2nd floor

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