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The arrival of the first man on the American continent is subject to debate within the scientific community. It is considered that America was populated by Asian immigrants in 13,500 BC, across the Beringian land bridge, the passage between eastern Siberia and Alaska now covered by the sea and known as the Bering Strait. In those times during the last glacial period, ocean levels dropped about 150 meters / 500 ft (due to the concentration of frozen water increasing great ice sheets), causing a connection between Asia and North America.


The Man of Lauricocha (10,000 ac) is considered the first human remains in Peru, found in the eastern slopes of the Andes in the cavern of Lauricocha 3,900 meters (12,800 ft) a.s.l., near the city of Huánuco (central Peru).


The oldest urban center in the Americas appears in Caral 200 km (124 mi) north of Lima on the Peruvian coast, dating 3,000 BC.

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