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The center and north of Peru

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The central Andes
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The Huascaran Park, pronounced as Natural Heritage of Humanity and recognized as Reserve of Biosphere Core, is undoubtedly the most spectacular place in the Andes, with numerous snow-capped mountains, glaciers and lakes, as well as their striking remains of one of the most important pre-inca civilizations, Chavin.

Further south, the beautiful colonial city of Ayacucho, called the city of temples for its numerous churches, is the capital of the Peruvian handicrafts.

The route of the famous Trans-Andean Railways from Lima to Huancayo, is one of the most impressive in the world.

The north Andean region

Like the southern Andes, northern combines spectacular landscapes and archaeological sites like the Baños del Inca (Inca baths) or earlier civilizations such as the impressive fortress of Kuelap, the Karajia sarcophagi, ventanillas de otuzco, etc.


The north coast
north coast

Besides the Cusco region, the most impressive pre-Columbian ruins of Peru are along the 800 km of the north coast from Lima. Caral was the capital of the first civilization in America, Chan Chan is the largest adobe city of the world's and the tomb of the Lord of Sipan was the most important archaeological discovery of the last 40 years in the world, comparable to the Tutankhamun tomb in Egypt.

This part of Peru also has other attractions such as the beautiful colonial city of Trujillo and the most beautiful surf beaches in the country Like Organos, Cabo Blanco, Lobitos and beache resorts like Punta Sal, máncora, Zorritos.

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