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Amazon rainforest

For nature lovers and those looking for something original, the world's largest rainforest is wonderful.

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north amazon rainforest

Iquitos, this big city in the middle of the jungle, the only city in the world without road access, provides some architectural treasures built during the rubber boom period.


Obviously, the best way to appreciate the immense diversity of Amazonian wildlife is from the jungle lodges, particularly in two national reserves, Pacaya Samiria and Allpahuayo.


In Pucallpa we can visit the Shipibo indigenous communitiy, fish or just relax in one of the beaches on the lovely Yarinacocha lake.

amazon central
south amazon

The immense Manu National Park, UNESCO recognised it a World Heritage Site and a Biosphere Reserve because its largest variety of plants. Manu has remained intact and untouched by civilization.


On the contrary, tourism has grown substantially over recent years in the region of Puerto Maldonado thanks to the amazing Tambopata Reserve and its new paved road access.

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