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Discover Peru

The classic southern

peru map

The peruvian capital disconcerts the traveler with its wide avenues, we are far from the typical image of the country of the Incas. Lima surprising is clean and hides many architectural treasures.


The major attractions of Lima:

historic center capital of peru
  • The Historic Center, with its beautiful colonial and republican buildings.

  • Miraflores, the tourist and commercial district of the capital, home to most of the hotels, restaurants and shops.

  • Barranco is the bohemian neighborhood overlooking the Pacific ocean to enjoy a quiet and unlike thrilling night ride.

  • The pre-Hispanic site of Pachacamac is located 30 km south of Lima.

South coast
paracas guano

Along the Pan-American Highway that links almost all of the mainland nations of the Americas, the main attractions are the Ballestas Islands, the city of Ica and the enigmatic Nazca lines.


Arequipa with nearly one million inhabitants is marked by the regionalism of its inhabitants, so refer to the region as the Independent Republic of Arequipa, and is proud to be a land of many famous people of the country as Mario Vargas Llosa (Nobel prize for literature in 2010), politicians and businessmen. The beautiful old town of colonial style is very nice, the climate is mild and sunny most of the year and the landscapes of the countryside at the foot of three volcanoes are lovely. 


For those who have time, the Colca Canyon offers a spectacular view with the majestic flight of the condors.

historic center
Lake Titicaca
little girl in taquile island

Lake Titicaca is one of the most fascinating lakes in the world. Here local people maintain their traditional andean life style, Women in native coloured garb and funny hats gossiping or carrying their babies tucked comfortably in their woven blankets on her back.

Route Puno - Cuzco

For this trip of about 400 km (240 miles), there are two possibilities. The tourist train makes the trip in 10 hours with a single 15-minutes stop halfway, a quiet journey to enjoy the scenery, with a high price but an excellent gourmet lunch including. (Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays).


In 10 hours you can also opt for the bus, that provides three important stops: the museum of Pucara, a pre-Inca civilization, the impressive Inca archaeological site of Raqchi and the surprising "Sistine Chapel of America" in Andahuaylillas.

inca city
hatun rymiyoc

The heart of the Inca civilization is wonderful, because its amazing scenery, its history and archaeological sites, revealing the splendor of Tawantinsuyo (Inca Empire).


The center of Cuzco is lovely with its combination of Inca and colonial style that makes it a unique city in the world. The outskirts of the city also have numerous pre-Inca and Inca sites.

The sacred valley

Only one hour of the imperial capital, you can visit various important Inca archaeological sites in this beautiful valley like Pisac, Ollantaytambo fortress, the salt mines of Maras and Moray, an inca's agricultural experiment station.

Machu Picchu
one of the new 7 wonders of the world

The most famous attraction in Peru, one of the new 7 wonders of the world, Machu Picchu is a magical place. The landscape, the ingenuity of the inca stonemasons, the difficult access, everything is awesome and leave unforgettable memories.



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