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Fisheries resources



Fishing industry is the second source of income for the country with 18% of exports.


Fishmeal and fish oil

Today is the best animal feed, containing nearly 80% of high quality protein and rich in essential fatty acids omega 3, EPA and DHA, essential for the rapid growth of animals as poultry, cattle, sheep, pigs, fish, crustaceans and algae. The benefits of fish meal are:

  • Reduce production costs allowing rapid growth with better feeding an increase in fertility and a decrease to the risk of disease.

  • Improvement of the quality of fats and disease resistance for pigs.

  • Increase milk production for cows.

Peru is the world's largest producer and exporter of fishmeal and fish oil destined for 193 countries, the 20 main customers are:

China, Germany, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, Turkey, Indonesia, Chile, Spain, Canada, Australia, UK, Italy, France, Bulgaria, Philippines, Romania, Belgium, Russia and Saudi Arabia.


Peru has 600 fish boats, mostly small wooden ships for artisanal fisheries. 130 plants produce more than 2 million tons of fishmeal per year.

Peruvian anchoveta (Engraulis Ringens)

It is the main fish used for making fishmeal and oil.


Greyish and 20 cm maximum length. From the same family as anchovies, the anchoveta has a stronger taste and smell, however it is richer in nutrients and unsaturated fat such as omega 3 and 6.


Recently, a promotional campaign tries to convince the Peruvian consumers of the numerous benefits of this nutritious, healthy and cheap fish.

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