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Peruvian Paso Horse




The Peruvian Paso is a breed of light pleasure saddle horse known for its smooth ride.


The Paso horse trace their ancestry to the Barb and the Spanish jennet which contributed strength and stamina, and to the Andalusian which added style, conformation and action, evolved for over 400 years into one of the purest breeds in the world.


Declared a Cultural Heritage of the nation in 1992, this horse is now considered as the best saddle horse in the world.

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The horse is medium sized, usually standing between 1.44 m and 1.54 m (14.1 and 15.2 hands) tall, with an elegant yet powerful build, with a deep chest and heavy neck.

The coat color can be varied, predominate color is brown.


Instead of a trot, the Peruvian Paso performs an ambling four beat gait between the walk and the canter called the paso llano. It is a lateral gait, in that it has four equal beats and is performed laterally — left hind, left fore, right hind, right fore.



Is the rider dressed in lightweight linen with poncho and straw hat.



The two best-known and most important events are The National Horse Competition Caballo de Paso Peruano held in Pachacamac (30 km / 20 mi south Lima) in april and at the Internacional de la Primavera during the months of September and October in Trujillo city and during the international Marinera Festival in January.

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